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Getting Started

Our mission is to respond with validation, love, and compassion to the needs of individuals, couples, and families. We do this by providing supportive, empathetic, and confidential services to enhance and transform lives. Contact us about getting started today!



Starting your counselling journey is simple! Book your free consultation with a clinician of your choice by visiting our team page. 



The consultation call allows you and your clinician to get to know each other and determine if you are a good fit!



If you both agree you are a good fit, the healing begins. 



The mission of REST is to help renew, empower, strengthen, and transform you and your life. Our goal is to help you heal quickly and permanently. 


The length of a usual appointment is either 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Appointments are usually scheduled weekly or biweekly and on a regular basis until you have accomplished the majority of your goals and other arrangements are made.

Sessions & Cancellation Policy

Intake Session (75 minutes)
Individual Counselling Session (60 minutes or 90 minutes)
Couples Counselling Session (60 minutes or 90 minutes)
Child & Youth Counselling Sessions (60 minutes)
Family Counselling Session (60 minutes or 90 minutes)

Payments: Interac etransfer payments (preferred)

Insurance Policy: REST Counselling Services does not bill insurance companies directly. If you are using insurance, I am happy to provide you with a receipt so you can be reimbursed by your insurance company. Please ensure that your provider covers Registered Clinical Counsellors.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy: A minimum of 24 hours is required to cancel or reschedule. If you do not show for your scheduled therapy appointment, and you have not notified me at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.

Ready to Begin Your Counselling Journey?

We are a group practice that is focused on healing. We provide an opportunity for you to process the past, heal the present, and move into your future.

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